USC-CLOUD TroubleShooting

Why does nothing happen after connecting my USB CLOUD Key?
If the USB CLOUD Key does nothing after being connected, you should try removing the Key once and re-connecting it to the USB port, or try connecting it to a different USB port if there is more than one available. If it still does not work properly, please contact our customer support.
Why won't the web page display?

The USB CLOUD Key should be used with a device that is connected to the Internet. If the computer is properly connected and some web content is not displaying correctly, please contact the web content provider.

Does USB CLOUD work with a USB hub?
No, it may not work properly with a USB hub. Please remove the USB hub and connect USB CLOUD directly to the PC's USB port.
What needs to be done to un-plug the USB CLOUD Key?

To un-plug a USB CLOUD Key, please hold onto it while pulling out of the device. Please be careful not to drop or crush the USB CLOUD Key.

Is the USB CLOUD Key also compatible with Mac?
Yes, but there is some application installation required. Please be sure that you are using a Mac with OS10.5 or higher. You can download the Mac application from the link below.
Application for Mac
What kinds of Operating Systems are compatible with the USB CLOUD Key?
Compatible OSs: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Application installation required for Mac.
Application for Mac
Is any set-up required before using the USB CLOUD Key?

No set-up required at all!
Connect the USB CLOUD Key to the USB port of any device with internet connection, and the web browser will start automatically, taking you to the designated website.

What should I do if there is a malfunction or initial defect?
If there is a malfunction or initial defect, please contact our customer support.
Support Center: 0120-86-39-86 (10:00 to 17:00 excluded weekends and holidays)
Support e-mail address:
Can the USB CLOUD Key be used as a USB flash memory stick?

No, the USB CLOUD Key does not have data-storage capacity.

Is there any risk that my personal info might be sent through the USB CLOUD Key?

No, because USB CLOUD uses a USB connection, no personal information can be sent.

Is it possible to change the URL or homepage displayed by the USB CLOUD Key?

No. Our client company who distributed the USB CLOUD Key sets the homepage; their customers cannot change the address of the homepage being displayed.

For some reason, the homepage being displayed has changed.

Our client company who distributed the USB CLOUD Key may change the homepage or its content. For more information, please contact the site owner.

I want to repair my USB CLOUD. What should I do?

With any repair or replacement, please contact our support center or your USB CLOUD distributor. Please do not try to repair the USB CLOUD Key on your own.

How can I clean a USB CLOUD Key?

Please wipe the USB CLOUD Key off gently with a soft, dry cloth when removing dust and dirt; please do not wipe USB CLOUD with any organic solvent, alcohol or benzene.

Where can I buy a USB CLOUD Key?
For inquiries about USB-CLOUD products, please contact us using the form below:
Product Inquiries
I want to distribute USB CLOUD Keys to customers. What should I do?
The inquiries about product's USB-CLOUD, please contact us below.
Product Inquiries
I want to become one of your distributors. What should I do?
We are always looking for new distributor. Please contact our distributors agency using the form below so that we can give you details about USB CLOUD, such as application examples.. 
Prospective distributor Inquiries
I want more extensive documentation on USB CLOUD. What should I do?
Please send your question using the following form.
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Is it possible to order an original-design USB CLOUD Key?
We can create an original-design USB-CLOUD Key based on your mold and printing specifications. Please contact the send an inquiry using the form below for a quotation.
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