Applicaton for MAC Free download


  • Please make sure that your OS is 10.5 or higher before you download the application.
  • This program is only for Mac users.
    There is no installation required for Windows users.
  • By downloading this program, you are agreeing with the Terms and Conditions.

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E-mail Address

How To Install

Step 1

The application download will start automatically after inputting your email address.

Step 2

Please double-click on downloaded [USB-Cloud.dmg] file to start the installer. (The location of the downloaded file depends on your Mac PC setting.)
Generally it is stored in the Home→Downloads folder.

Step 3

Once downloaded, a file called [USB-CLOUD] will appear on your desktop.
Please double-click on the file to open it.

Step 4

After the installation window appears, please drag, and drop it in the application folder.

Step 5

Please make sure that the installation was successful by confirming that the [] was copied to the application folder.
Start the application by double-clicking on the application icon.

※Example: in some case depends on your Mac setting, the dialog apears as sample on the left.

Please continue to run the application by clicking the [Open] button.
Step 6
After starting the USB CLOUD application, please connect the USB CLOUD device into your Mac USB port.
The web browser will automatically start, and the designated page will appear.

The screen on the left will be displayed when connecting properly.

In Order To Use More Conveniently

In Order To Use More Conveniently

After starting the USB CLOUD application, you can easily set up your MAC to use USB CLOUD.
Please check the following settings:

① Finder → Preferences → System Menu System "account"
Click the Login Items tab→ Set the application to open automatically upon login
Click the bottom left corner [+]→Applications folder→After selecting, please click on [Add] .

After completing this setup, the will start automatically, upon star-up. You only need to connect the USB CLOUD device.