About Us

Company nameG-ONE INC
Head Office

Shin-osaka AREZ bldg 8F
1-1-32 Nishiawaji, Higashiyodogawa-ku
Osaka, Osaka JAPAN 533-0031
TEL: +81-80-8344-8088 (English)  FAX: +81-6-6829-7869 (Osaka Office)

Representative President & CEO Mr. Keigo Mori
EstablishmentNovember 1999
What We Do


  1. 1. Online information services & support, education, and consulting
    2. Computer software R&D, sale, and rental.
    3. R&D, sales and rental of computers, as well as related hardware.
    4. R&D, sales and rental of Communication equipment as well as
       related hardware.
    5. Business market research, advertising, and promotion.
    6. Publishing.
    7. Creation and design, as well as sales of computer images, etc.
    8. Planning and operation of events and sales promotions.
    9. Any business related to the preceding items.


Websitehttp://en.g-1.ne.jp/ (English)