Terms and Conditions

This site is operated in Japan by the Japanese company G-ONE INC. (hereinafter referred to as the Company). By using this site, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions below.

Article 1The contents of this site
  • This site offers an application service that uses an ID sent from USB CLOUD through the Internet.
  • Some consideration is required when using services offered by this site. However, in cases where fee-based services are provided, the Company will get separate client consent regarding service content and prices, due to individual provisions related to such services.  All service prices and fees will be defined beforehand.  Payment from clients will not be received without payment procedures and prices having been specified beforehand.
  • The content and services on this site can change or be cancelled at any time, and we reserve the right to limit some or all access to this site at our sole discretion.
Article 2 No Warranty / Disclaimer
  • The accuracy and completeness is neither explicitly nor implicitly guaranteed by the Company; also the Company cannot guarantee that the website is free of defects and/or bugs. However, the Company will uphold individual provisions that exist within a contract for paid services that explicitly state otherwise.
  • One of the services provided by this web site provides links to URLs from the USB CLOUD. These links are intended to be set by our clients that are using this site, so such links and their corresponding websites are operated by third parties. We cannot guarantee that these links will be useful, not cause any damage or not make you feel uncomfortable.
Article 3 Regarding Accounts
  • You have to create an account in order to use the services provided by this site. There is no fee for account registration and maintenance. If you wish to create an account, you have to create an account through the registration page on this site.
  • Clients must provide an email address to create an account, and they can set any password of their choosing. An active E-mail address must be provided so the Company can send an account activation email.
  • Clients’ passwords are sent in an encrypted transmission, and are stored in our database. The encrypted passwords cannot be retrieved by the Company, nor by third parties.  If you forget your password, a new one will be issued, after which time the customer will be able to set a new password.
  • Clients choose and manage their password at their own risk, and must not disclose said password for third-party use. If a registered account’s correct e-mail address and password combination are entered on the website, access to the website will be granted under the assumption that said is client is the accessing party.
  • If you have noticed that a third party has used your account, immediately change your password, and block their login. If a third party gains access to a visitor's account, the Company cannot take any responsibility regardless of whether the visitor was negligent or not.
Article 4Handling of Personal Information
  • For more information on the handling of personal information, please click here.
  • The Company reserves the right to freely collect, compile, and analyze statistical customer data that is in no way associated with or tied to any personal information mentioned in the previous section. 
Article 5 Prohibited Usage

The following is prohibited while using this site:

  • ・Logging in to our website using a third party’s account information.
  • ・Openly sharing account passwords with third parties.
  • ・Infringing upon the rights of any third party or the rights of the Company.
  • ・Prohibited acts include those in the main provisions on the main site, as well as those separately listed for each service.
  • ・Any illegal behavior.
  • ・Any immoral behavior.
  • ・Any behavior that is considered inappropriate.

If the Company determines that a customer is using this site in violation of the rules listed above, we reserve the right to restrict access at any time, and to suspend or remove the account of said customer.

Article 6Intellectual Property

Replication, conversion, distribution, public transmission, and/or modification of the contents is strictly prohibited without the express permission of the Company or Rights Holder, or where otherwise permitted by law.

Article 7 Changing to these Terms

We reserve the right to change this agreement at any time. Customers shall be notified of any changes made to the Terms and Conditions by the Company via the top page, and after such notice has been published, the new Terms and Conditions will apply.

Article 8Governing Law and Jurisdiction
This site is owned by a Japanese Corporation, and intended for use by worldwide users, but Japanese law will apply regardless of the nationality and residence of the customer.  If a dispute between a customer and the Company who owns this site arises, all involved parties shall use best efforts to settle the dispute through negotiation and consultation in good faith, and common consent.  If the dispute cannot be resolved through negotiation and common consent, it shall be resolved through Japanese court proceedings in Japan.