Product Specifications

Standard Model Plan (Existing Package)

Product Specifications

Unit Size: L12.5CM x H12.3CM (folded), L25CM x H12.3CM (unfolded)

Standard Model USB CLOUD-Glossy White Plastic

Product Specifications

Unit Size:L35xW17xH7mm

※Accessories such as straps are available at extra cost.

Product Dimensions

  • ※Accessories not included.
  • ※Diagnosis and system modification charges may be added when the USB CLOUD system needs to be linked to your company website.
  • ※All units have the same first access point (URL). (Access point can be changed in the designated screen.)
  • For design, shape, color customizers Shap Customized Plan

    We will discuss your individual requirements and customize your plan

    Shape Customized Plan Charges

    Consult us for a customization estimate.

    Monthly Running Cost

    USB-CLOUD is a system which is used to perform data transfer processing.
    If continually using USB-CLOUD, the following monthly charges will be required.

    Lump-Sum Payment Plan

    ※Taxes not included.

    Pay-Per-View Plan

    ※Taxes not included.


    USB CLOUD does not have memory space and does not save any data.
    Personal information is not transmitted when USB CLOUD is plugged into a USB port.
    To use ID certification for login to a website, diagnosis and set-up are needed on the website.
    Additional application needs to be installed for MacOS.
    Operation OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 We can customize packaging design based on your marketing needs. Please Product inquiries form customization estimation or more details.
    Please contact our customer support team if you discover any malfunction.
    Support Center Phone: 0120-86-39-86 (Monday-Friday, 10:00a.m.-5:00p.m. Closed on holidays)
    Support Center E-mail: