Connect to Internet via USB. USB CLOUDTM


USB CLOUD is an easy-to-use tool for specified web content viewing. Just plug USB CLOUD into the USB port of any device with internet access and it automatically launches a web browser, instantly taking your customers to the specified web content you want them to see.


Because every USB CLOUD Key has a unique ID, you can change the viewable web content for each one. You can even set the number of hours and times the content can be viewed. It has great potential as a new marketing tool.



Imitation USB CLOUD Keys with the same/similar shape, function, and presentation using parts of our patented technology without permission have recently appeared on the market. These imitations are appearing in catalogues and advertising. Please note that they are presented as having the same function as our USB CLOUD Key, but have very different features and specifications, and are completely unrelated to G-ONE INC and its affiliates. It’s also very important to note that such imitations are not covered by our product support, etc.
Patent Publication No. 2009-146398